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Preyah – ‘On The Line’

Preyah May 8, 2021

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Preyah – ‘On The Line’

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No More Hanging Around for Pop Princess Preyah With New Single, On the Line!

Growing up in one of the toughest areas of Sofia in Bulgaria, Preyah had to fight against prejudice as her mixed Nigerian heritage meant that bullying and bigotry were never far away. She has channelled the strength this gave her to get through these difficult times into her music, her positivity evident in both the sound of her songs and her lyrics, as is this case on her latest single, On the Line, sending out a message that no-one should feel held back by someone else’s indecision. Preyah is now, in her own words, “an quirky diva!”, having the vocal talent and musicality but bringing an inspirational and aspirational energy which listeners just can’t help but be intoxicated by!

Preyah may have had a difficult upbringing and even found herself living on her own at only 16-years old but this has only forged her into the strong, independent woman she is today. From struggling with her self-image when she was younger, she has come a long way, becoming one of the most recognisable people in her home country, as the face of Bulgaria’s largest TV channels, as well as having appeared on The Masked Singer and Your Face Sounds Familiar. Her music is upbeat and positive, with elements of Aaliyah and Jorja Smith in her sound which she has honed both in the studio and on stage alongside her band which also features her boyfriend on bass.

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