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Punt Guns – Nemesis

Punt Guns May 8, 2021

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Punt Guns – Nemesis

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From Outer Mongolia to Outer Space! Punt Guns’ Cyber Rock is the Best Thing You’ve Never Heard!



“Punt Guns are producing a sound unlike anything else on the market, so you can expect the unexpected from their forthcoming record” – New Noise Magazine.

“Taking their listeners on an otherworldly experience from start to finish, Punt guns’ daring nature and sense of originality never cease to amaze”- Jammerzine.

Neanderthal Cyber Rock formed by Godlike beings across the Balkans, Russia, China and the sweeping plains of Mongolia – welcome to the world of Punt Guns. Based in London, Punt Guns are a twin attack of baritone guitar, six string bass and a whirlwind of cinematic atmospherics and industrial depth charges thrown in for good measure. Gearing up to release a brand-new album, the first glimpse of pure-spun gold on the horizon is Nemesis, an astonishing journey through dark corridors and forbidden zones with an accompanying video which will make your eyes melt. Forget everything you’ve ever heard – Punt Guns are the real deal.

Punt Guns were formed in 2017 by Marek Bero (bass/lead vocals) and Giampaolo Guarnieri (guitar/unearthly sounds) and have allied themselves with crack producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg, whose credits include the likes of KLF, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds and Massive Attack. The first stunning results were documented on their debut album, a mix of skewed pop melodies, violent rock riffs and alien orchestras but this only hints at the glories to be heard on their forthcoming release. Now augmented by drummer, Dan Western and guitarist, synth maestro and producer Jiri Novotny, their sound is derived from a sonic stew of classical, baroque, Balkan and Slavic music, soaked up by the band as their lives took them around the world, from years spent in such disparate locales as Mongolia, Slovakia, Italy, the Himalayas and Lebanon. The band take the influences not only was the worlds of music but maverick sportsmen (Giampaolo travelled the world as an extreme skier in a previous life) and film, with transgressive directors like Argento, Godard, Vadim and Bava all casting their shadows on their work.

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