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A State of Romance November 9, 2021

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School friends, Darren Rodgers & Dean Lilley formed a band back in 1999 called ‘Littlecrazy’ with Jamie Pringle, they went on to tour Europe & UK with the Australian Band “Tracer”

The band released an album named ‘Lost Poison’ & Ep self-named after the track ‘End with You’, and highlights included MTV playlisting, radio airplay, and an interview in the famous NME magazine.

After playing numerous headline concerts and selling out several 02 Academy venues, the band did a UK tour with “Last Carnival’ playing Sheffield Arena and the last band ever to play ‘Don Valley Stadium’ in their hometown Sheffield, before it was knocked down, the band split in 2013 and went their separate ways.

Darren later to become the artist known now as ‘Damon Hess’ went on to pursue his DJ Career, signing to many major labels including, Warner, Sony & Finally landing a deal with Ultra Records & Blackrock Publishing (Sentric).

Over the lockdown of 2020, Darren & Dean decided to form a new band, something very different and more current, with styles from such bands as ‘Linkin Park, Bring me the Horizon, Pitchshifter as influences to name a few, they created a metal electronic-infused rock band with a mixture of dance, drum & bass and sampled sounds.

Darren aka ‘Damon Hess’ with his production skills of the House music genre, started to create the sound that is to be ‘A State of Romance’.

Bringing also Dean Lilley’s touch on production & searching for the vocalist which they later found in Jamie Wiltshire – which created the beginning of the band.

After spending days & nights for around 6 months, they created a 10-track album, sourced the rest of the members, and recorded and finalised the sound that was to become A State Of Romance.

They released their 1st single on October 22nd, from the upcoming album Self-titled “A State Of Romance’, on their own record label “Romance Records’

The band hope to be playing live in 2022 too:-)

Band members:

Vocals – Jamie Wiltshire

Lead Guitar – Dean Lilley

Rhythm Guitar- Lewis Dennis

Piano/Samples – Kieran NG

Bass – Wayne Lee

Drums – Darren Rodgers (Damon Hess)

Members from: 

Jamie Wiltshire – Daventry UK

All other members are from Sheffield UK


I hope you like the track and can play it. Please let me know if you can or if you need any further information.

Thanks for reading and for listening!

Emma Scott



Composer: Darren Rodgers, Dean Lilley

Producer: Darren Rodgers

Publisher – Blackrock

Label: Romance Records

LYRICS: REALITY (clean on edit!)

What you gonna do without me in your life,

What you gonna do without me on your mind,

And I’m drowning in the ocean,

All I wanna do is break away from the lies,

All you wanna do is go f*ck other guys,

I’m getting lost up in the open,


If you’re ever feeling lost at sea,

And in need of rescuing,

You can’t, make it through this storm,

Drifting all alone,

Filling me now with anxiety,

It masquerades your destiny,

Finding your way home,

Through these sticks and stones,

I’m falling away,

I’m falling away


What will it take,

For us to break,

you cannot see,

These things in front of me,

To live this way,

It’s not too late,

For us to see,

This is reality.


What you gonna do, I’m out of your life,

You’re standing there alone on the edge of a knife,

And I’m laying here awoken


If you’re ever feeling lost at sea,

And in need of rescuing,

You can’t make it through this storm,

Drifting all alone,

I’m falling away

I’m falling away

We got to fight this fight some more,

Till the end to win this war,

Don’t be taken by surprise,

It’s up to you to realise,

Cos it’s all in your hand now,

To flip your world upside down,

So, pick yourself up off the ground

Chorus x 2

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