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Sheep Thieves Strike Across The Border

Written by on March 7, 2019

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- Daventry Area Crime -
Sheep Thieves Strike Across The Border

Daventry Area Crime -

Last night 6+ men believed to be Eastern European, were disturbed on a farm in neighbouring Warwickshire whilst in the process of rounding up a flock.

It is reported that the men managed to round the sheep in to a smaller paddock and beat a heavily pregnant female sheep before putting it over their shoulders and running away to a get away vehicle.

Johnsons Farm in Wasperton said “We have this on cctv. It makes me so angry to think we have this sort in our society. We have worked hard for everything we have and to be on our farm. We started with a few old sheep and a very rusty trailer”.

They continued; “It also makes me so sad! What will become of the heavily pregnant sheep they beat and ran with over their shoulders and threw in the vehicle while it grunted in pain?”

Warwickshire Police arrived within 10 minutes, however the gang had already fled.

It is assumed that they wanted to kill the ewe but as they were disturbed they may dump the ewe somewhere.

Johnsons Farm asks that you “share this news and if you have any information to let them, Police or Crimestoppers know. We need to bring awareness of this disgusting animal cruelty and theft case to stop it happening in our countryside”.

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Video Copyright: Johnsons Farm, Wasperton.

Why is Daventry Radio Reporting this?

We are reporting this due to the increased instances of sheep theft and subsequent illigal butchering across our local area and neighbouring counties.

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