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Daily Play

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Monday12:00 am6:59 am
Monday10:00 pm11:59 pm
Tuesday12:00 am6:59 am
Tuesday7:00 pm7:59 pm
Tuesday10:00 pm11:59 pm
Wednesday12:00 am6:59 am
Wednesday10:00 pm11:59 pm
Thursday12:00 am6:59 am
Thursday9:59 pm11:59 pm
Friday12:00 am6:59 am
Saturday12:00 am8:59 am
Saturday8:00 pm9:59 pm
Sunday12:00 am7:59 am

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Daily play is our service that is aired outside our specialist shows between Midnight and 19:00 every day.

Our sequence includes 80s, 90s, 00s, 2010s and one original track from a local artist at the top of the hour.

We are always looking for voice artists and presenters to lend their voices and get involved! Whether it’s to record some jingles and ads or to provide links between the shows, we are always open and welcoming so what are you waiting for?

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