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Radio advertising represents excellent value for money!

As of 2018, the Population of Daventry District was 80,014, the Rugby District 107,194 and the Towcester District around 10,000 – A potential audience of some 190,000 potential listeners to aim for!

If we could turn just 1% of them into regular listeners we’d be happy but we’d love to be closer to 10% (and beyond!) Our vision is beyond the internet and into the dizzy heights of FM and DAB!

Rugby And Daventry Radio is just one year old, we have gotten further than any other similar projects in the area! This is thanks to our fantastic volunteers who give their time to the community for free!

Although it’s not just our volunteers, we need to keep the lights on and the turntables turning and we do that by offering sponsorship of our station.

We are a community, not-for-profit project meaning no one gets paid and the money is used for the betterment of the station and local  communities.

We have been honoured to enjoy the sponsorship of Bread and Circus, Sheaf street Health Store, Alpine Carpet Warehouse and Squab storage but we need to keep these and attract additional sponsors if we are to meet our goals of studio space and increased listenership in addition to FM/DAB licensing and equipment.

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