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Stepbac from Overeating

Written by on May 13, 2020

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Stepbac from Overeating

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Over 1000 free editions of the book “Stepbac from Overeating” have been downloaded in just 3 weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown, pushing it to number three on Amazon´s top 100 free health books.

The writers are two tour guides and brothers in Barcelona called Carl and Peter Williams.
Without a single tourist in Barcelona to guide, they have instead used their time at home during the strict Spanish lockdown, to guide people all over the world to better health by giving away the e-book edition of their weight control book “Stepbac from Overeating”, which is a simple guide to managing daily food shopping and eating habits.

How can a book help fight the Covid-19 coronavirus?
Sadly, results of preliminary studies of critically ill Covid-19 patients in various countries including USA, UK and France, have shown that overweight Covid-19 patients are hit harder by the Covid-19 virus. Doctors think the cause may be that an overweight body has a weaker immune system and more difficulty breathing.

Whether one has an average or a plus size body, no-one ever wants to gain more weight and so the authors of the book, Carl and Peter, think that the Stepbac method can help people of all weight levels, to control their weight better and over time reach their natural and healthy weight.

They believe that the key to a natural and healthy body weight is understanding how the food industry systematically “tricks” people into buying too much food and into creating overeating habits.

The free ebook edition of “Stepbac from Overeating” explains how people are being tricked and then guides readers on a new path to change both food shopping and overeating habits by replacing old habits with a new habit of taking a “Stepbac”. Readers learn how to stop eating too much without the misery of strict short-term weight-loss diets or gruelling fitness regimes.

It’s written in plain “tour guide” language in an entertaining style that combines, what the brothers call, common sense and common science.

Acid test of Stepbac method
Does Stepbac work? The acid-test came in March and April in Spain during the Coronavirus pandemic. While most people in Spain gained 2 to 5 kg / 4 to 11lbs in the strict lockdown period (only essential shopping allowed but no walks), Carl and Peter both lost 2kg/4lb during their Barcelona home confinement thanks to their Stepbac method for managing natural eating habits. This unintended weight loss happened without any effort and with only 15 minutes of indoor exercise every second day.

Guiding people to health
Without a single tourist in Barcelona and an empty cruise ship dock, Carl and Peter have no one to guide at the moment, so instead they are guiding people to better health by sharing their Stepbac books free or at a non-profit price.

They hope to give away 1 million free copies of their 214 page weight control book over the next few years, both to help fight the Covid-19 virus and to help people take back control of their health to better fight future illness.

Please share this free offer to help as many as possible.
Thank you for reading and best wishes to you all and your family and friends.

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