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Street crime advice

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Street crime advice

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Street Crime Advice.

As I type, I would just like to remind everyone that relatively speaking, Daventry is still a very safe place to live.

However, like most other towns and cities in the UK there is a steady increase in the type of ‘petty’ crimes that had pretty much been reigned-in to incidents of a nominal figure outside of the major UK cities.

For whatever reason, this type of crime is on the increase in smaller towns across the counrty again so we have compiled a guide to some of the most common street crimes across Europe in the hope our readers and listeners can help to make these kinds of crimes difficult for the criminals to succeed in.

1. The Petition/Charity Collection

In a lot of places, this is the most common of pickpocket techniques.

Volunteers (usually women) will approach you with a clipboard and a pen, asking you to sign a petition or sign up for some kind of cause/charity. These women typically work in groups, and one often comes to pickpocket you when you’re distracted by this petition.

2. The “Take My Photo”!

Again, working in groups, you’ll be approached by a woman who asks you to take a photo for her. When you agree and grab her camera or phone, often there’s another distraction that comes into play (e.g. a child running into the scene) and while you’re distracted, a partner of hers will come take your wallet.

3. The Shove

Shoving and pushing is frequently used as a form of distraction, especially in crowded spaces like a bus, train or in a touristy spot.

4. The Group Ambush

This one is extremely frustrating because you’ll know pretty much right away what they’re up to, but it’s tough to avoid since you’re outnumbered. Essentially, with the Group Ambush, you’ll be confronted with a big group of (usually) teenagers who surround you and sort of block your way while you walk. At this point, grubby hands will move around to snatch whatever valuables you have on you.

5. The Fake Cleanup

This is where the person or gang intent on stealing from you tell you that a bird has ‘pooped’ on your shoulder, and it just so happens that they are on-hand with napkins and other goodies to help you clean up. Before you know it, your possessions are now theirs!

6. The Paper Distraction

In this instance the person intent on taking your possessions will look for someone who has left their Phone/Wallet/Keys on a table in say a restaurant/cafe/coffee shop. They then casually place a newspaper or flyer over the item with one hand whilst they remove the item with the other hand.

7. The Outright Distraction

This usually happens to shopkeepers and shop staff, a member of the gang will grab the attention of the staff whilst another member of the gang will either help himself to items.

We hope you never fall victim to these methods but the if you are mindful, aware and vigilant about your personal space and belongings, it will make their job so much harder or impossible.

Most importantly – stay safe.

More crime prevention advice is available here.

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