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Stress and Adaptation Advice

Written by on January 18, 2021

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Stress and Adaptation Advice

We are all struggling with change and adapting to new situations, the feeling of overwhelm and anxiety is high and how we feel impacts us in so many ways.
Part of living is being able to survive, everyday we do what we can to just get through the day.
How we finish our day often determines how we start tomorrow and this is why I believe it is important for you to reconnect with your body.
How you feel, what you think, how you move your body, conscious and subconscious actions and processes.
If you find yourself feeling sick, tired, suffer with headaches, muscle aches and pains, have a low sex drive, feel sad or even depressed then I ask you to think about what you are doing to give yourself relief from these symptoms.
Struggle to focus and get your work done, the surroundings you now find yourself in making it harder for you to do what you need to be doing.
Fidgeting, scrolling on social media.
Unable to feel happy, get creative, nap when you want to, get aroused, feel good, move good, have good bowel movements, be pain free and ready to live your day!
Reliant on substances or exercise to relieve you from the stress, negativity, the discomfort you feel.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Are you paying attention to what your body is telling you?
Are you able to get relaxed at the end of the day?
Or do you feel unsatisfied? stuck!
Tired all the time.
Always hungry.
Simple things you can do to find clarity;
What is happening to you?
Describe the emotions you feel.
Talk about your frustrations.
Release the anger you are holding inside.
What do you want to do that you aren’t?
Are you making yourself happy?
When we are unable to control or identify the things we are hiding away or refusing to deal with we are unable to control the responses we make.
Our mind and body will do whatever it knows to escape, to not feel the pain, to hide away and get through that discomfort.
It wants relief and it will do what it knows to get it! Good or bad!
You need to learn to make changes without seeking external wants.
You must learn how to find balance and allow yourself to relax and be in control.
You can’t control people or what is happening around you.
Stop avoiding what you should be doing.
Distracting yourself with the TV, your phone, social media, emails, alcohol, drugs, exercise is only creating further stress and reducing your ability to control what is going on for you and to you.
When you do nothing about the real issues and feelings/emotions you have then you just lose more control.
Then you blame.
You moan about your situation and how you feel.
You deny the issues that you are going through…hiding from.
You become the victim!
You have forgotten how to think for yourself!
Relying on technology to tell you how well you sleep, how much you eat, how many calories you have burned, how you feel.
You deflect the responsibility to others.
Seeking answers from ‘influencers’ and anyone that tells you what you want to be told!
Your confirmation bias keeping you stuck!
Everything you do uses energy and yet you want to waste it on things you can not control!
Ask yourself again!
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to do, for you?
How do you want to live?
What is important to you?
Are you living in alignment with those answers or keeping yourself stuck on everything that wastes your time?
Be your own teacher!
Learn about yourself, reflect and understand what is going on for you, to you, around you.
Make a conscious effort to choose your own consequences because everything you do has one.
Stress exists to allow us to take action. It allows us to focus and can help us feel better.
Your problems and issues each have a solution, you just need to be aware and ensure it aligns with who you are and what you actually want.
Take a breath before you respond or react.
Review the situation, reflect on your day, face your emotions and just take a little time to breath, to be in that moment, to have control.
It’s not difficult when you learn and start to be accountable.
If it’s something that you need help with or feel ready to explore get in touch.
Your physical transformation isn’t just about what you eat or what you do.
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