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Supermarket Distraction Theft

Written by on March 19, 2019

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- Daventry Area Crime -
Supermarket Distraction Theft

Daventry Area Crime -

An elderly, disabled woman from the area was victim of a distraction theft in the town’s Waitrose Store on Saturday.

The woman had withdrawn her money from the Lloyds cashpoint where she was then followed by two females into Waitrose where they distracted her by asking her questions, then they dipped into her bag & got her purse.

It is reported that the purse contained £500.

Obviously shaken from the ordeal, the woman was only able do describe the assailants as having ‘foreign accents but no idea what’ [Where from].

Kate Bowskill (whom reported the incident) said, ‘My relative is scared to go into town and will lose the little independence she had. It’s a bloody awful world we live in. Daventry used to feel safe.’ She added that, ‘the police are involved but no chance of getting cash back.’

Did you witness the incident or does your business have CCTV in this area?

Please do let the Police know on 101.

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