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Tim Wilson, Local Contestant on TV’s The Circle

Written by on October 31, 2019

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Tim Wilson, Local Contestant on TV’s The Circle

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Reporter Noah Price interviews Tim Wilson about his experience on Channel 4’s hit TV reality show The Circle.

Who is Tim?

Well… Where do you start? He happily admits that his life has been “elaborate and ill-focused” – as a consequence, he has so many interests, so many sides to his character that he is a hard one to pin down.

Apart from being noted for his eccentric personality, and colourful sartorial choices; Tim Wilson, 58, is an English Animator & Illustrator, a Professor of Theology and Philosophy, and former Politician. In 2015, he was selected as South Northamptonshire’s candidate for the UKIP party, but stood down due to disagreeing with racist comments made by party members. A year later he stood in the local district council election as an Independent candidate for the Braunston and Drayton Ward in the Daventry District. However he lost his bid for the seat to Councillor Jason Prichard, Labour. Tim has also been a librettist, a theatre director, a monk and a goat herder.

Tim lives in Rugby with his partner Nacarti Zontul, and his two cats Hanem and – of course – Bey; his one and only companion throughout his time on The Circle.

When Tim finds the time, he produces Youtube videos which cover an array of different subjects from English literature, Philosophy, Theology, essay writing to History, social and political issues, and even the good old days of Music Hall. Check it out here: www.youtube.com/user/zontulfilmsltd/

What is The Circle?

The Circleis a British TV reality show, produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group which launched its first series on Channel 4 on 18 September 2018. The series bills itself as a game based around social media, with the concept that “anyone can be anyone in The Circle“. Some of the contestants are assigned the role of “catfish”… but not of the aquatic variety…

According to UrbanDictionary.com: a catfish is a ‘fake or stolen online identity created or used for the purposes of beginninga deceptive relationship.’ Every drama needs an agent of disruption. Tim was, safe to say, not one of them. In fact he was one of the best at catching them out.

For a month in The Circle, contestants have to live in the same building but are never allowed to meet. The only way they can communicate with each other is via a specially-designed app. This app also enables players, on a regular basis, to rank each other from most to least favourite. The two highest rated players become “influencers”, while the remaining players are at risk of being “blocked” by the influencers. Blocked players are eliminated from the game, but are given the opportunity to briefly meet one player still in the game.

To put it simply: think Big Brother but with Facebook.

What did Tim win?

The public voted Tim as the “viewers champion” and as a result he received £30,000. The main prize went to Paddy Smyth who won £70,000. 

You can listen to Noah’s interview with Tim this Sunday Evening at 7PM with the Podcast available here shortly afterwards.

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