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Unlawful lamb slaughter, Police Statement

Written by on July 10, 2019

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- Daventry Area Crime -
Unlawful lamb slaughter, Police Statement

Daventry Area Crime -

UNLAWFUL SLAUGHTER OF LAMBS – DAVENTRY DISTRICT (Crimes 19000355217 and 19000359831)

Two incidents have understandably caused shock and repulsion in the local and virtual/social media community, with the unlawful killing and butchering of lambs on farms in Daventry District. The first, in Crick, on Sunday night into Monday (7/8th) saw fourteen lambs killed. The second, in Whilton, on Tuesday night into Wednesday (9/10th) saw around 21 lambs killed.

In both incidents, the lambs were slaughtered and apparently corralled by means not yet known, hung up on gates removed from the location and upturned, and butchered in the field. The thieves left the skin, paunch, heads, and legs at the sickening scenes: too gruesome to show other than the pictures here.

Aside the unnecessary suffering caused to the livestock, the animals were stolen at a considerable loss of income to the farmer, who had reared them since birth in March. At Whilton, this is the second time the same farmer has been targeted.

This appeal seeks the assistance of our community in three ways:

1. Was anything seen or heard in the vicinity of these crimes?

2. Alerting farmers & the rural community of this
problem to raise awareness

3. Asking if anyone is aware of where the carcasses/meat are being sold Witness Appeal

The Whilton incident occurred in a field between the Whilton and Little Brington turn between the Roman (Nobottle) Road and the M1 – on the right as you drive from Daventry towards Northampton.

The crime must have involved a number of people and vehicles capable of transporting considerable weight/bulk. Users of this popular shortcut to Daventry are asked whether they used the road on the night in question. Did they see vehicles, or lights? Do they have any dashcam footage?

The same questions apply to the Crick incident which occurred in a field on the A428 between Crick and West Haddon.

Raising awareness | I am proud of the networks and links with, and between, our rural and farming communities. We need to raise the profile of this
recently emerging problem within our networks and to enlist the help of local farmers, villagers, gamekeepers, country road users, Neighbourhood and
Farmwatch members in reporting any suspicious activity around our countryside fields.

I still have to remind our local farmers that it’s ok to use 999 for a crime in progress or suspected. Please forward this appeal as far and wide as possible, and include in parish reports and newsletters. Young sheep are difficult to herd and catch, and the thieves know what they are doing. How can they do this with nobody noticing?

Where is the meat going? | Is the meat being marketed locally? I consider this is unlikely as it may be leaving the county, given the proximity of both
incidents to arterial road networks. But at this time, we have little information – please report either to us or to Crimestoppers.

Responding to this rural crime | PC Chris Martin & PC John Hutchings are officers who specialise in wildlife and countryside matters, based at Daventry & Brixworth respectively.

At this time, PC Martin is investigating both crimes. We are increasing our uniformed presence in key remote locations during the dusk hours and will be conducting plain-clothed patrols in unmarked cars in the hours of darkness. These patrols will respond to suspicious incidents reported, which is why it is really important to have such incidents phoned in.

We will consult with our neighbouring forces and wider to identify other similar crimes. We also await the results of forensic examinations at both scenes of crime. We are aware that these crimes are highly emotive and deeply upsetting for the owners of the livestock (and all, including us, who deal with the aftermath).

Our community so often provides information when fully briefed about incidents which affect them. I am hoping we can work together to make the District a hostile environment for such unusual but horrid crimes.

Thank you
Daventry District Neighbourhood Sergeant

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