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We Went To… Daventry Museum Civil War Exhibition

Written by on February 20, 2020

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We Went To… Daventry Museum Civil War Exhibition

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On Wednesday, Darren and Amanda visited Daventry Museum to have a look around the Civil War Exhibition.

we went to daventry museum civil war exhibition amandacivil www daventry radio
Amanda tries a helmet on for size

Focusing on Daventry’s role in the Battle that swung the English Civil War in 1645, the exhibit shares the history of what happened on the field and tries to take you deep into what it must have been like for a soldier of the time.

We tried on one of the reproduction helmets and couldn’t believe how heavy it was. Hardly any padding makes it a rather uncomfortable fit and with the running, marching, additional weight of armour and weaponry, we can only imagine the kind of aches and pains a soldier would have to endure! And at the same time being shot with muskets and stabbed with pikes!

flask cup close up www daventry radio www daventry radio
The flask awarded to Sir Fairfax by Cromwell and (below) the contents of a soldier’s kit-bag

We were quite suprised to see the games and supplies that a soldier would carry in his bag. Reproductions of leather draughts and backgammon boards are on display and it was quite chilling to imagine how these poor men would have spent their rare downtime before the carnage started.

There are activities and a quiz for children to try (we had a go and were rubbish!) and the exhibit features lots of fascinating trivia and historical facts as well as reproduced items alongside genuine pieces 1645, including the actual flask and cup awarded to Sir Thomas Fairfax by Oliver Cromwell after defeating the royalist army of King Charles I.

It is a must see for those who may not realise exactly how important Daventry was in shaping the country as we know it today.

Running from Saturday 11 January to Friday 24 April, it will tell the story of how – on the morning of 14 June 1645 – parliament’s New Model Army destroyed King Charles I’s main field army in the decisive battle of the English Civil War. It will also explore Daventry’s involvement in the wider conflict.

The museum is working in partnership with the Naseby Battlefield Project to put on this exciting new exhibition in the run up to the 375th Anniversary of the Battle of Naseby, in June 2020.

Situated in 3 New Street, Daventry Museum is free to visit and is open Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm and on the first Saturday of the month from 10am to 4pm.

Find out more at daventrymuseum.org.uk

we went to daventry museum civil war exhibition civilwar www daventry radio
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