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Local Business Focus – Lightning Signs

Written by on March 10, 2020

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Local Business Focus – Lightning Signs

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We’ve just dropped in on Lightning Signs to pick up our order of SnapBacks!

I hope that you agree that they look ace, not only for our volunteers but as prizes too!

We were impressed with the range of products they can provide. They not only embroider, but can heat print fabrics, produce stick on and magnetic livery for vehicles, and were in the middle of embroidering a horse blanket when we visited!

After chatting with the owners, we discovered that Paul is a retired professional speedway rider and that they pretty much got into printing business by accident.

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“In speedway, sponsors change all the time, and the bike and support vehicles and uniforms have to be changed accordingly, so I decided to have a go at doing it myself,” Paul told us.

In addition to the caps, Lightning Signs are producing Banners and Car Stickers for us as part of a Partnership contra-deal.

His (camera shy) partner, Sharon said, “We were asked to do a job that was, at the time, way out of our capabilities but we said yes anyway. This gave us the shove we needed to equip and grow and we haven’t looked back since.”

They don’t just print for commercial needs; they can do “one offs” or short runs for hen nights, stag dos, special events etc. No job is too big or small!

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Oh, and we also met Xander the 6-month old Golden Laborador, as the couple also help home and train guide dogs too! We will be sure to grab some more pictures and have a chat about that side of their lives at a later date!


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You can find Lightning Signs and Embroidery at

Long March
NN11 4PH

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Daventry Radio Photo Ref ececc aac ed bbb ebae
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