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Weedon depot environmental hazard concerns

Written by on August 13, 2019

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Weedon depot environmental hazard concerns

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After nearly two weeks of what appears to be toxic smoke blowing across their village, Weedon Bec residents are themselves fuming that nothing seems to be being done about industrial  bonfires that take place in the evenings in the Weedon Depot confines.

The depot is home to a number of trade units, including waste disposal companies. We spoke to a number of residents who believe that the items being burned range from mattresses to tyres and some were even worried that it was fridges and freezers – items which need to be disposed of in a controlled manner due to their hazardous contents.

On Facebook, Weedon resident Jennifer Johnstone said, “I smelt it nearly every day last 2 weeks some were they allotments church St and Riverside drive and depot , trying to get washing dry was a nightmare, and unacceptable.”

Residents have taken to social media to ask that reports are made to the Environmental Health authorities and Daventry District Councillor David Smith used his own Facebook account to add weight to the appeal. He said, “ANOTHER BONFIRE at the Depot tonight, seems to have been lit now as it’s getting dark and more difficult to detect. Please, anyone who’s been affected by this one or any others please let me know. We need witnesses in order to get this sorted by Environmental Health at DDC. Happy to take messages as a private message, this is entirely unacceptable.”

Weedon Bec Parish Council also added their own request saying, “If you notice incidents of any smoke emanating from the Ordnance depot, let Daventry District Council know either via phone to 01327 871100 (call centre) or email to environmentalimprovement@daventrydc.gov.uk.”

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