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What is ‘What 3 Words’?

Written by on July 17, 2019

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What is ‘What 3 Words’?

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One of the concerns to come from the audience at the ‘Operation Stock’ meeting was ‘ My Postcode will not take you to my address, how will you find me?’

PC Hutchenson of Northamptonshire Police rather quickly answered ‘What3Words’ It will be no suprise that the majority of of the attendees looked on none-the-wiser!

What3words is a Geo-Locating App that can pinpoint your location to within a 3 metre square! The What3words name comes from the fact that the more-traditional co-ordinates are replaced with 3 words.

This app is being recommended by the Police, not just in cases of livestock theft but any situation where you need someone to assist you, for example you are out walking and twist your ankle; no problem, give your 3 words to the Ambulance Control room and they will come straight to you.

Another question from the floor was; ‘How will they find me in the middle of a field’ – the answer is exactly the same as above! What3words is not reliant on Postcodes, Roads or Nearby Points of Interest; infact if you are in the middle of a field, this is probably the best place to be as there are no obstructions.

What3words is going to be a key tool, we suggest that you download it now!

Checkout What3words.

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