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Your Local Businesses Still Need You!

Written by on March 15, 2020

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Your Local Businesses Still Need You!

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These are strange times. Lots of small businesses are already struggling.

The people running those businesses aren’t huge corporations with rich shareholders and off-shore accounts. They are like us all. Normal people trying to make a living.

At this time every sale means the earth to a small business.

SO if you need to buy something online use what we call ‘THE GOOGLE COMMA’.

Type in what you want, then add a comma, and your town name. It will let you see if you can buy it locally. You may even be able to collect it, or they will probably deliver.

These are the people who really realise “Every Little Helps”.

Thank you.

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-Daventry-Radio-Photo Ref-dcd4c181-7cf6-4e86-af7f-78d1041f53c3

-Daventry-Radio-Photo Ref-dcd4c181-7cf6-4e86-af7f-78d1041f53c3
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